Sin Kabeza


Sin Kabeza Productions, co-founded by Lissette Olivares and Cheto Castellano, is a collective of activist researchers reflecting the collaborative and non-individual aspect of art production. Told from a postcolonial, feminist and ecological perspective their transmedia storytelling works as models for envisioning a world where political and cultural hierarchy are abandoned in favor of a new, creative capacity to respond to complex environmental and cultural challenges facing our contemporary society. Sin Kabeza develops methodologies for multispecies storytelling using visual anthrozoology, video installation and architectural design. In 2012 Sin Kabeza Productions was recognized for its activist arts practice through A Blade of Grass Foundation’s Artist Files Program. In 2013 they spent a year rehabilitating Pariah Dogs in India which led to the encounter of their canine companion, Matsya. Currently they are raising five orphaned squirrels. The documentary »Affective Encounters on and off the dOCUMENTA(13) Trail« was released at the International Festival Of The New Latin American Cinema, Havanna (2014), soon will be released the OPEN TV feature on Carrie, the most talented doggie dancer in the world.


1. Tiere Bilder Ökonomien

Art Farm Revisited

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