Tiere Bilder Ökonomien (Animals Images Economies)

07. – 16. 03. 2014

Nobuhira Narumi, Sin Kabeza, Anna Zett,
Chimaira AK für Human-Animal Studies

07. 03. 2014

Videoscreening, premiere DINOSAUR.GIF


16. 03. 2014

silent scroll of DINOSAUR.GIF by Anna Zett
feat. vertical DJ Bianca Kruk / live radio transmission by Sara Lehn

The exhibition focussed on animals within the context of image production. The videofilms set up direct references to three essays by art historians and film theorists in the anthology »Tiere Bilder Ökonomien« (transcript 2013) that was introduced by the editors at the exhibition opening. Nobuhira Narumi produces his vidoeimages using cameras mounted on the heads of dogs. For author Jessica Ullrich, artists use of these so-called crittercams raises questions about the co-authorship of animals in artistic work. The video documentary by Sin Kabeza critically reflects on an art
project, in which tattooed pigs are turned into art market commodities. Author Mona Mönnig analyses this and other art projects in terms of the anthropology of images and the perception of animal bodies. Filmmaker and author Anna Zett addresses contradictions
between the digital (re)animation of extinct animals and market driven productions of dinosaur films.