Dog-cam project
The Universe‘s Point of View

Nobuhira Narumi


»The Universe s Point of View« is a montage of different recordings from Critter Cams, surveillance cameras attached to dogs. The so-called dog-cam machine consists of two separate camera devices in a specially constructed headset to be worn by a dog: a black and white micro-video camera triggered on and off by movement and rest and a digital stills camera, operated when the dog nods its head. Narumi stresses that he does not harm the dog – he gets to know the owner and the dog well in advance. He spends a week with them before he accompanies them on their usual walk. The »Dogumentaries« map the daily paths and social surroundings of different dog-human teams from the canid s perspective.
Narumi s video is part of a larger series of videos, photographs and installations (»Dog net«), whose material was co-produced by dogs from New York, Toyo, Hong Kong, London, and New Zealand.

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